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I'm back - Do not adjust your sets

Okay, I've been somewhat lax with looking after my website. So bad, in fact, I didn't check it at all until I actually needed some info off it. Then I discovered the DNS had broken (I'd not changed anything) and that it wouldn't connect to my Ghost site. Disaster.

Fortunately I could still access the standard URL for it, and log in to get what I needed. I tried resolving the DNS issue, but nothing worked.

It's been something I've wanted to do for a while...move to a static site. I don't do a lot of writing, and paying monthly for hosting which has managed to break isn't what I want. I'm not blaming Ghost. And I never reached out to them to help resolve it. Instead I used it as an opportunity to force myself to migrate to a static site. Hence the lack of styling.

Ghost is great, in that it lets you export the data from it in a JSON format. A quick script later, I had all the blog posts in .md format, ready to drop in to a static site generator. I've decided to use Sculpin as it's a Twig based SSG, which is something I am used to given I spend my time using Symfony a lot.

I've set hosting up with Cloudflare Pages for now, but will be looking to move it in time (possibly). I just need to work out a way to automate the deployment when I update stuff...

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